• its all about beauty

    its all about beauty

    some little selfie – photoshop experiments    

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  • Samsonite vs Primaballerina

    Samsonite vs Primaballerina

    Out of 600 drafts we made it to the top 30 who were able to produce the video. We endet up in the top 5. Now we are proud to present you the final version of the competition Samsonite vs Primaballerina.

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  • elefunds


    Boesch-Media is proud to present another piece of work together with elefunds. This video was made for the nomination as “Beste Innovation” at the “Deutsche Fundraising Preis 2013” Fingers crossed for elefunds!

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  • wir machens einfach

    wir machens einfach

    we made it! in 1623 uploaded videos we made it to the top 99 with our 99 second film “wir machens aber nicht nochmal” massive thanx to all who supported and voted for us.

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  • Meteora – Berlinale in competition

    Meteora – Berlinale in competition

    Bösch Media Production is proud to announce  “Metéora” in Competition at “Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin” a film by Spiros Stathoulopoulos <see details here>.   I was in charge of viewing, converting and preparing the footage for a film laboratory and post production company in consideration of synchronicity and best quality settings. […]

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  • Freshmate


    Image Film for a swiss Company who distribute dispensing equipment for home use. This Video was shot on a Canon 5D Mark II. We had two days for shooting in Switzerland and Austria. Finalising the edit in Berlin took about one week.

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  • case study

    case study

    Short movie study. Made in Berlin. Time: 1 day (9 hours) of shooting Equipment: small dolly, small crane, tripod, Canon 60D Crew: 2 actors, 1 camera operator, 1 camera assistant, 1 producer Time in post production: 1 week

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  • Sinister Five

    Sinister Five

    music video was shot on Panasonic HVX200

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